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Leila and Monster Myke

Lectura para 2 años

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos




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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Leila. Leila had curly brown hair and big, curious eyes. She was a brave girl, but there was one thing that scared her: bedtime. Every night, when it was time to go to bed, Leila felt scared because she believed a monster lived under her bed. She didn’t want to sleep alone or with the lights off.

One evening, Leila’s mommy tucked her into bed and turned off the light. «Goodnight, sweetie,» Mommy said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. «Sweet dreams.»

But Leila couldn’t sleep. She pulled the covers up to her chin and looked around her cozy room. Her favorite stuffed animals were on the bed with her, and her night light cast a soft glow. Still, she was scared.

She decided to be very brave and peek under the bed. She took a deep breath, leaned over the edge, and looked. There, staring back at her with big round eyes, was a fluffy blue monster! Leila gasped but didn’t scream. The monster didn’t look scary at all. In fact, he looked just as surprised as she was.

«Hello,» said Leila in a small voice. «Who are you?»

The monster blinked and said, «Hi, I’m Monster Myke. I’m sorry if I scared you. I didn’t mean to.»

Leila sat back up on her bed. «You didn’t scare me,» she said, trying to sound brave. «Why are you under my bed?»

Monster Myke sighed and looked a little sad. «I’m stuck here. I got lost and can’t find my way back home.»

Leila felt a wave of sympathy for Monster Myke. «Where is your home?» she asked.

«My home is in Monster Land,» Myke explained. «It’s a magical place full of friendly monsters like me. But one night, I wandered too far and ended up here. Now, I can’t find my way back.»

Leila thought for a moment. «I can help you get home,» she said with determination. «We can be friends and find a way together.»

Monster Myke’s eyes sparkled with hope. «Really? You’d help me?»

Leila nodded. «Yes, I will help you. But first, we need to figure out how to get to Monster Land.»

Over the next few nights, Leila and Monster Myke became great friends. Every night, after her mommy turned off the light, Leila would whisper to Myke, and they would talk about their plan. Myke told Leila stories about Monster Land, where monsters played games and had fun all day long. Leila loved hearing about it and was more determined than ever to help Myke get home.

One night, Myke had an idea. «Leila, do you have any books about magic?» he asked.

Leila thought for a moment and then remembered a big book her daddy read to her sometimes. It was full of magical stories and spells. She quickly found the book and opened it to a page about portals.

«Look, Myke!» she said excitedly. «It says here that we can create a portal with a special rhyme.»

Together, they practiced the rhyme over and over until they got it just right. Then, holding hands, Leila and Myke said the rhyme out loud:

«Portal bright, portal light,
Open up in the night.
Take us to a land so grand,
Far away, Monster Land.»

Suddenly, a shimmering portal appeared in the middle of Leila’s room. Myke’s eyes widened in amazement. «It’s working!» he exclaimed.

Leila felt a mix of excitement and a little bit of nervousness. «Are you ready, Myke?» she asked.

Myke nodded, holding her hand tightly. «Yes, I’m ready. Let’s go home.»

They stepped into the portal together, and in the blink of an eye, they found themselves in Monster Land. It was just as Myke had described: colorful, cheerful, and full of friendly monsters playing and laughing.

«Myke, you’re back!» shouted a group of monsters as they ran over to hug him. They were so happy to see their friend again.

Leila smiled, feeling happy for Myke. She knew she had to go back home, but she was glad she could help her friend. «I guess it’s time for me to go,» she said softly.

Myke hugged her tightly. «Thank you, Leila. I’ll never forget you. And don’t be scared at bedtime anymore, okay? You’re very brave.»

Leila nodded. «I won’t be scared. I have a new friend in Monster Land.»

With a final wave, Leila stepped back through the portal and found herself back in her cozy room. The portal disappeared, leaving only the soft glow of her night light.

That night, Leila slept soundly for the first time. She knew Monster Myke was safe at home, and she wasn’t afraid anymore. She had faced her fear and found a wonderful friend.

From that night on, bedtime was no longer scary for Leila. She knew that even if there was a monster under her bed, it would be a friendly one like Myke. And every night, as she drifted off to sleep, she thought of Monster Land and the adventures she had with her special friend.

The End

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